Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cuckoos and thing that are lost.

On the airfield walking dogs and searching for peace of mind. Skylarks and whitethroats, wren, blackbird, small bell voice finches, raucous crows and a distant cock-a-doodle-do. And in amongst it all the first cuckoo call across the golden grass.

In April come he will.
In May he sings all day.
In June he changes his tune
And in July he flies away.

Things I have lost:
Weight, at times, to the point where I have sometimes been fit though never thin, but I have always gathered it back to me.
Heart, at times, but usually this is lifted by birdsong and beautiful things.
Mobile phones, and the loss of it was inconvenient but of small conqequence in the grander scheme of things.
Friends, some forever, but some to be found again.
Confidence, an ongoing battle never to be won.
My camera, the small one that Robin bought me for Christmas this year so that I could always have one with me, that was pink and white and also took films and panoramas. And, yes, I did find it again, St Davids being the kind of place where you would have a lost camera returned, but alas the wheels of a car or two may have found it first and whist shock proof and waterproof it was sadly not driven over proof.


  1. I get frstrated with things that are misplaced. Its as though I must "find" them again to reassure myself that my wits are still functioning. Sometimes its hard not to invest "things" with personal meaning--as in the gift of the camera.
    Still, its the wistful, wishful intangibles whose loss we most grieve--but what better place than one with wind and sunshine and birdsong [and the company of cats!] to seek restoration.

  2. Very sorry about your camera Jackie. This sentence,"Confidence an ongoing battle never to be won," helps us all.I'm off to Central Park to look for and hear the jeweled song birds that are migrating through now.

  3. Among my "losses" are stories that were never recorded, one about a place where lost things are eventually found...perhaps this post is a nudge to me to do something about that.(Though I think Shaun Tan has said it well enough!)

  4. Isn't it strange how, even when you don't look for the weight, it returns all by itself!

    Sorry about the camera too, Amazing that you got it back, but sad that it wasn't quite itself anymore, and too changed by it's experiences.

  5. It's not only the loss of an object than but the loss of the oppurtunity for some of those great pictures you take and without the incumbrance of a heavy camera. So sorry for you.