Monday, August 2, 2010

The Inheritance by Robin Hobb

Driving to the hospital this morning for mouth xray I was thinking about Robin Hobb. Her books are a refuge, an oasis, a place that is so very special. Back home, an email from Emma at Harper Collins with attachment showing the new cover. It looks so beautiful I am taken by surprise. Elegant.


  1. The cover art is indeed elegant--as are teh felines who inspired it.
    Trouble with ones teeth has to be one of the more painful aspects of existance--you will need peace and stamina to deal with it.

  2. Love the cover art! Gorgeous kitties.

    Good luck with your mouth xray. Stay strong!

  3. Lovely and graceful felines, of course.
    I badly broke a tooth 2 weeks ago, while eating a salad in a restaurant, having lunch with a writer friend. Now I am having a crown made, so I empathize with your mouth / tooth problem and hope you quickly resolve it. Who knew salads are so dangerous!

  4. I want to read that book just because the cover beckons to me.

  5. Mouth troubles are no fun, says the voice of experience. (I've got more root canals than live teeth now!) Hope yours are easily solved and soon behind you!

  6. Elegant indeed!

    Hope the x-rays went well!