Thursday, July 7, 2011

In my studio

My studio is now run by dragon time. I chose to have the large clock without numbers and although at first I thought that the clock was a 'bit plasticy' have decided that it does look good on the wall. Will do some more designs soon to add to the ones at the gift shop for The House of Golden Dreams.

First mug design almost finished. One more to go, and a powerpoint for Sunday ( talk at Oriel y Parc) and daughter to wave off to Peru, and cousins to see.

I want to play with the idea of time and make clock designs.


  1. Looking good!
    Good luck and safe travels to Hanna

  2. Safe travel and happy journey to your daughter.

  3. When I tried the link to the House of Golden Dreams, I got a 404 error that the link was not found.