Monday, July 18, 2011

A sky full of birds

It has been a day of birds. Flocks of rook and jackdaw have been tumbling the sky with ragged black wings.
All day I have been thinking and packing.
I have packed a kingfisher, and owl, a bear or two, some paint, paper, brushes, pencils, towels ( you never know when aliens might be around), some wolves, a bowl, badges and bags, cameras and cards and nails and string ( always string). There are things in boxes and bags and bundles, and still I am not done.
Steady rain falls.
I have packed a good heart and hope and expectations, courage and a little foresight, and always, always a good book.
And all of this has bundled into a dragon van for its first big public outing.
Tomorrow I head off toward Oxfordshire and on Wednesday I will be setting up and settling in at Art in Action. Looking forward to settling down to paint.
Some years ago I had a dream of six kingfishers. A few weeks back  painted them, and one of the things I will do at Art in Action is gild them.
And I am please to say that today I was accepted on the "Mumsnet" blogger network. I hear them so often on the radio and usually am very impressed with all that they have to say, so proud to be a part of their blogging network. And very impressed with my friend Meg Rosoff, who is one of their 'featured' bloggers. Her new post is LOL.
Enough distraction. TTFP ( Time to Finish Packing).


  1. You do lead a most interesting life.

  2. Jackie, your prose is as imaginative as your illustrations are beautiful (love those "ragged black wings"!). The photo reminds me of a BBC wildlife programme Bill Oddie did a while ago... of flocking starlings. It's on YouTube if anyone wants to relive it. Jane G

  3. Love your packing list!
    Hope you enjoy Art in Action..

  4. Because I'm nosy, I'd love to know which good book you've packed!

  5. look forward to seeing you and all your wonderful work at Art in Action

  6. I am back from Art in Action, and have to say the first thing which I saw on arrival was your wonderful van!! It was lovely to meet you inside and I am absolutely delighted with the calendars. Thank you so much, your work is wonderful. :)