Saturday, August 27, 2011

Almost finished.

The painting of the puma has been leaning against the wall in my studio for a while. I was going to scrap it. Then a family came in to wander around and look at things and the father said something about the painting. Out of all of the things that were there. It pulled me up, made me look again, and so now 'I am Cat' is almost finished.

Meanwhile while at Art in Action I got together with Catherine Hyde, Hannah Willow and Tamsin Abbott. There was much laughter, but also a plan. So now we have the beginnings of a small group. We will exhibit together, at least once a year we hope. In the meantime you can wander through our studios and see our work on facebook at The Sisterhood of Ruralists.


  1. Sadly I am unable to join a Sisterhood of Ruralists (sounds a bit like a Eurovision band). I may set up a Brotherhood of Urbanists, just to balance things out. But onto important matters - I'm loving these pictures Jackie. It's going to be another stunner!

  2. The name I came up with was 'The Sister's of No Mercy'. But I think the other suits far better. And thanks James. Finished, all but a bit of writing.