Saturday, August 13, 2011

The End of the Song.

For the past few weeks I have spent far too little time walking and far too little time painting. But I have finished the owl painting.

In the garden the green reflected in the moongold.

Now the painting is hanging in The House of Golden Dreams.
On some days I feel very much like the owl. On other days I feel like the wren.


  1. It's beautiful the way you've capture the moon's rays, they seem to be reflected in the Owl's wing feathers...Exquisite!

  2. beautiful,, just amazing.The goldleaf is such a beautiful finish,, I think this is my favorite,, I love the action of this,, a little scary becasue one can imagine how it will end,, such islife right,,

  3. I once watched a sparrowhak chasing a wren. The predator doesn't always win.

  4. no I know they don't,, for me its the chill of fear,, knowing I shouldn't wish for one's dinner to escape and yet wishing for just that.We have watched osprey snatching young mallard ducks and I have to admitt its heart wrenching, while watching them catch fish doesn't seem to bother me,, sad really,, the fish has feeling as well, have a great rest of the day,

  5. I love both composition and execution of this......I love the way all that space evokes a feeling of inevitability. Well done! Much as I hate to use the word, it's AWESOME!

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  7. A truly beautiful picture. You have captured the essence of the barn owl, hushed and dangerous!

  8. Must be an air of doom and gloom around at the moment though because everyone who ses it just asumes that the wren is a dead wren.
    There is space between them, not much, but he is in a pose that is an alarm call. And he thinks that he has just enough time to warn others before he gets away. At least that was what was going on in my head. Close call, but everyone who sees it so far sees inevitable death.