Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sshhhhhhhh. Look. Listen.

I have worked at home alone for years. I find it hard to concentrate when there are people around, in the house, in the garden. Today I worked away in my studio listening to radio 4 and the sound of children in the other room. The children were visiting the Museum and galleries of Wales collection. At one point in the day I walked past and saw them all sat, silent and still, looking at a painting while the guide told them the story behind the picture. A semi-circle of concentration in miniature.
In the afternoon a lively noise was coming from the room so I turned up the radio a little and painted on. Then I realised it had gone completely silent. I turned around. Small faces were pressed up against the glass in the doors, big eyes, smiles. I waved and then held up my dragon for them to see, walked over so they could have a closer look.
I missed them when they had gone, missed the sound of them. Once again the day ended far too early and I drove home through the early evening twilight, leaving the Holly Dragon to fly through the gallery. 


  1. That must have been such a lovely experience for the children, I know that would have made a lasting impression on me as a child...
    I hope you are starting to feel settled in your new working space, the Holly Dragon is really lovely... :)