Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moonjars and butterflies.

Adam Buick's open studio was on for three days over the bank holiday weekend and despite having too much work to do I found myself wandering over the fields on each day at some point. I find that these moonjars have a fascination for me. 
Adam picked up a pot and explaned that the glaze on that particular one was just mud from Abereiddi. Melted in the heat of the wood fired kiln it had taken on a magic of its own.
Some of he pots have sand in the glaze, some have elements of technology melted into them.
Soon he is going to place another pot out in the wild on the hill above our studios and watch to see what happens to it.
Took loads of photographs, and came home with two small moonjars. Yesterday wandered slowly home across the greenfields and along the path high with flowers and butterflies and small moths.


  1. The second-to-last makes me think of Christmas pudding!

  2. How I covet those delectable pots. They're the most exquisite works of art. Please tell the artist, if you visit again, that someone from South Africa thinks his work is beautiful.

  3. Wow, I love the moonjars... My garden would love one, too!

  4. I can see why they appeal to you so much. They are very lunar but in an organic way, lovely :)

  5. There is something compelingly mysterious and sensuous about those pots...they look like the could contain the secrets of the universe...