Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A curl of dragons.

48 hours left to finish a book. Drove van to Haverfordwest where there were dragons 'gassing off' ( I am assured that this is a technical term for this stage of the process, proir to laminating). Amazing curl of huge printed images and I was as excited as a small child on Christmas morning.
Now I am nervous. And I have about 24 hours to finish the book, soup to make, people coming around for supper and I have left my van with people who are going to wrap it up.
Collect on Saturday. Until then I try not to think about it.
Conversation with publisher about next two books, East of the Sun and West of  the Moon and I am Cat, which will probably both be published together. 
Time to make soup and settle head.


  1. I think that after this book is finished and the van is wrapped, you deserve a party!

  2. Oh I love all your books Jackie but I am really looking forward to I am cat which MUST be a combination of two of my favourite subjects-your artwork and CATS!!!!!

  3. Cool: good luck with your finishing of your book.

    Van will look excellent, can't wait to see the finished look.

    Take care hun


    p.s Dragons rule

  4. Hope it all comes together without too much stress.
    A quick way to make soup is to slice all ingredients with a food processer, super fast.

    I enjoy slicing and dicing by hand, but I am usually not pressed for time.

  5. How fantastic it must be to see your work printed so large for the van. It will look amazing.
    Yes, when this book is done, and you collect your newly decorated van, you should celebrate with a party and cake.

  6. I was wondering how they were going to transfer the image to the van. Busy! Busy! Busy! It's good that you have so many projects lined up, but don't let yourself get daunted by the size. And the van! you must be just fizzing with excitement. I would be. The Magic Morrismobile is going to be so entirely and totally wonderful.