Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A small deluge.

Last night,peaceful wanderings around the village with my healing bowl. Across the fields a forlorn fox sang a duet with the deep resonance of the bowl's song. The darkness had texture, brought on by close cloud. All around a quiet calm.

Just off to bed and a sound like waterfalls outside. Rain? Rain on one side of the door only. Then rain in the house and panic as I realised the water tank was overflowing!
I was rescued by my neighbours who turned off the water at the stopcock and then found the switch for the tank and while the ceiling drip dripped my heart began to slow down and calm return.
This morning I texted Graham, the plumber and he came and made all well again with a new ballcock and a new stopcock and a fix to a joint in the tank that had leaked into the house. Brilliant.
Graham also pots and paints and his beautiful bowls are available through Cole & Co.

Print outs arrived from Frances Lincoln and now my head is unsteady and too full with text and design and page orders and waiting to hear if East of the Sun will get a definite go ahead. So hard to find that still point required to work. Caught up in the past with The Cat and The Fiddle finishing and moving on to I am Cat.



  1. I like the idea of a plumber who pots and paints.
    The pages of printouts look rather wonderful!
    I hope East of the Sun is a go :0)

  2. A truly artisan plumber!
    Sorry your home was awash, hope it didn't make too much mess.

  3. A plumber who pots! Even your "everyday" world is magical. Fingers crossed here that EOTS/WOTM is a go.

  4. what a great looking plumber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh, your book pages are lovely too...sorry, I got a little side tracked. I think I'm having a mild hot flash right now...LOL

  6. I have a wonderful plumber who does good work and is considerate of my limited budget, but wow, a plumber who is also a potter and has such a lovely smile and twinkly eyes...that's magical!