Saturday, February 26, 2011

A van full of dragons

Dropped Tom off at Tretio and he headed off to rowing. Took the dragons and the dogs to Abereiddi. The Blue Lagoon was deep prussian green and the cliffs gold. While I was away the dragons played and got up to mischief in the van.


Back home, after dropping Hannah at work I settled to paint a sleeping cat curl and inched further into my next book.



  1. I love the big red dragon in the passenger seat. Bet they got a double take from passersby!

  2. The dragon's are lovely, and what else would you expect to be sitting your wondrous magical dragon-mobile! ;))

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Speaking of mischevious Dragons... there's a particularly impish one thats just arrived over on my Windsongs & Wordhoards blog with her favourite book...!
    I think she'd be chuffed enough to breathe fire if you had time for a quick look!
    Carrie... ;)