Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Half a cuckoo and a stick to go

On the slant of celing above my desk Frieda Kahlo with angel wings watches over me. Weasels and a barn owl watch me while I work. Fragments and images mosaic the roof. In the bowl on the weasel case that once held a brace of cheetahs a snake skin curls around a small bat. And the spooky shoe sits and waits its turn as it has done for at least a century.


  1. That explains other things I'd read and seen on house renovating programs about finding a child's shoe under the floorboards or in the space between the joists inside the wall or up in the eaves. It was always put down to "bringing good luck" -- but this explains why the shoe found was generally one that obviously belonged to a child. Will you do that with one of your childrens' shoes?

  2. Magical!
    I didn't know of this tradition, it's very touching.