Thursday, June 16, 2011


Jane and I have been working on a calendar to take to Art in Action for sale. The calendar will be an 18 month one, starting in July and going through to December 2012. The print run will be limited, partly depending on how many advanced orders we get and the price is £25 a calendar. Each will be signed, numbered and doodled on.
Each page has a painting or drawing and a short piece of writing. The paper is a beautiful heavy paper, the print quality excellent and they are spiral bound. Images above are jpegs from a pdf so the quality is compromised. The size is 11 3/4 inches by 16 1/2 inches ( for those who bought the cat calendar way back it is the same format).
So, the long preamble is by way of saying that if you would like a calendar please email me at and reserve one.
There may be more at Christmas running for a further 18 months, if this run is successful.
And there will be cafepress calendars of both paintings and cats at some point, but the handmade nature of these makes them more desirable for collectors. 
( Hopefully we will also have moon names and phases on also and maybe dates for eclipses and Perseids etc. Useful dates, rather than bank holidays etc.)



  1. Hi Jackie, will the calendar be available for US residents? If so, price in dollars, and shipping. I would love to have one. Thanks, Robin.

  2. I'm afraid it would be whatever the equivalent is in dollars. And would need to add a little for postage too, but not sure how much. It looks lovely. Jane is very good.

  3. yes please,, enough about bank hoildays,, the moon is what I'm interested in,,

  4. It is absolutely stunning, Jackie.

    Robin, I live in the US and was thrilled to get one of Jackie's calendars a little over a year or so ago. It was not an oppressive shipment cost and well, WELL worth it. It gladdened my home considerably and I am so eager and pleased she is doing a calendar again. You know my name is on the list. (It is, isn't it Jackie?)

  5. can you ship to Canada?
    Jade (the farmpark girl :D) x

  6. I'm trying to email you but it won't send! Please tell me I can reserve one of these... so beautiful xx

  7. Yes, Jade. I can. Email me your address. You can do bank transfer into my account to pay. Might be a bit of postage ontop.
    Hope you are well. Hannah is 17 this year. Tom is leaving school, almost 19! Time flies.

  8. Have you seen the the "Three Hares Project"? @

  9. Jackie, can I please order a calendar, with postage to New Zealand. Can lodge funds asap.
    Kind regards Kathryn