Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love at first site

It began some years ago. And it was love at first site. 

To be fair it can be said that unlike with some affairs the passion only grew, from the first days of the orange clam shell to the macbook to the iMac. 
And then she met the iPad. So slim, so seductive and offering such magic.

But very soon things began to fall apart. Years of living on a dial up connection meant that updates had been impossible. The iMac was old, sad, tired. The iPad wouldn't connect as iTunes was an antique and she railed against the foolishness of this, one purchase too far. It say there on the shelf, beautiful but useless. Until Julia came to her aid.
It seemed that all that was needed was to replace the tiger with a snow leopard ( the irony of this was not lost on her).
Everything was backed up in case of emergencies, the snowleopard was purchased and with fear in the heart, despite the gentle encouragement of Julia at, she installed the snow leopard.
And now the iPad worked and the iMac was like a new creature. It was as if a caterpillar had woven a chrysalis and then hours later emerged as a beautiful butterfly. The iPad came to life in her hands and love blossomed.

And in between times the painting of mountain lions for I am Cat progressed.



  1. It's true...once you go Mac, you never go back!

  2. A friend of mine says we pay twice as much for aesthetics with Macs.... and I say excellent ergonomics and aesthetics are a must! I started with Macs and have never enjoyed my brief visits with other machines...