Sunday, June 19, 2011

St Anthony and an overdue confession.

Last year I went to Norfolk and as part of my visit I was miked up to record talks etc. As the mike went on the necklace came off. The necklace that Hannah Willow made for me to wear when I performed at events to publicize the Ice Bear. The totemic beauty of a necklace that combines the bear, fox, owl, stars, moon and raven, the shamanic spirits of the book. The one off, beautiful handcrafted silver necklace that I love.
I put it in a safe place.
That was the last I saw of it.
I searched my bag, my wallet, the car, I emailed Marilyn form the bookshop, but I knew that if she had found it she would have let me know. I asked the hotel, and then I just hoped that it would give joy to whoever had been lucky enough to find it. For months after it made me sad when I thought of it.
Today Robin drove back to Milton Keynes. I reached into the car to say goodbye to Larry, Robin's dog. Something glinted at me from the dark, something silver, chain, amber. And there it was. And I remembered the 'safe place' I had put it, and the sound of the metal against the small pocket in the car came back. My necklace, back again.
Tomorrow Hannah is coming to visit for the first time ( bringing jewels and things that shine). And she has something for me. 
I do love a happy ending and cannot say how glad I am to have my beautiful necklace back, how glad I am hat it was me that found it.


  1. ah, I'm so glad you found it. There does seem to be a magic in some of the pieces I make, it arrives as I work and can be felt by some. Those magic pieces do have a life of their own, and often go off on adventures, to return later when they are sure they are missed. If you hold it to your heart you will hear the echo of its story. I'm still trying to find the Hare I made for my wedding and which went wandering on my honeymoon....I hope it's going to remember it's way home. x

  2. what a feeling to find a lost thing with so much meaning to you,,I guess it wasn't lost,, just waiting for you to remember

  3. It's always such a sick feeling to lose something you cherish. Glad this story had a happy ending.

  4. Thank goodness you found it, it's horrid to lose something precious. My sister 'lost' a charm bracelet she'd collected since she was 12. Her husband and children tried to recreate it for a birthday but, of course, it wasn't the same. Three years later she found it hooked on the back of a coat she only wore to special occasions - it must have caught when she was putting something away in the wardrobe!

  5. I have a pair of the tiniest Hannah Willow earrings which I love as much as the more splendid ones. I have never lost any of her jewellery except for these earrings which have run away in turn three times. The most amazing time was when I lost one in the woods and thought the fairies had taken some long forgotten payment (they had my engagement ring on the day I was married!). Amazingly Mike's minstrelling apprentice, Tom the First, found the tiny silver tree clad earring and it came back to me!
    It's the magic she puts in em when she's making em!

  6. Wow! I hate loosing things, and this necklace is SO beautiful and unique, thank goodness you found it.