Sunday, June 26, 2011

A list on a sunny day.

1. Finish horse.
2. Draw out Pand'a Child cover
3. Work on 2 mug designs for MBF.
4. Roughs for East of the Sun.
5. Change front page of website (long long overdue)
6. Play with Procreate on the iPad.
7. Work on I am Cat.
8. Start big painting for Art in Action.
9. Write list for Art in Action.
10. Take in washing.
11. Write a book.


  1. Gorgeous, am sending the link to a much loved friend; her Flicky is getting on, but is still a lady with a will and a way. She too needs an occasional rest.

  2. glad to see that you took in the washing. Hasn't your shop grown too!

  3. I love the horse drawing. I keep expecting it to get to its feet and trot off.