Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day....... not quite sure.

Ennerdale School is in a place of such wonderful beauty. All day yesterday we drove north from Shrewsbury, up and up and I read the map and found a route that travelled through the beautiful heart of the Lake District. When we arrived we were greeted with smiles and food and drink and such warmth it was just wonderful. Now, after a day of working with the children I feel tired but alive. 
As we drove here yesterday I saw signs by the roadside. Warning signs with squirrels on. Were the squirrels dangerous here? It took a while to sink in but then I realised, this is the land of the red squirrel. Now I really hope that before we leave I will see one. I have seen goldfinch and heard all kinds of birds. There are hares in the hills. The lakes mirror the sky and the wind wrinkles the water. The children make me stop and think about what I do and how. Life is good.

On Saturday we drive home, via Simply Books in Stockport where I will pick up a painting or two and sign stock for Sue. But I think I will be back.

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  1. Hope you do see a red squiggle, er squirrel or two. Sounds like a brilliant trip.