Monday, October 24, 2011

Working away from home.

Working in my new studio space for the first day. I found that as soon as I sat down to work the conversation that takes place between myself and the paper was the same as it is anywhere. I could hear people around, but Radio 4 kept focus away from being disturbed and it was warm and light.
The only thing was the day finished at 5. When I looked up I found that the sky was falling down! Rain so hard everywhere was flooding, but I had been lost on the wings of dragons.
I only had my iPhone with me, but here are some photos.
I learned a few things.
1. I whistle while I work.
2. I swear too much at my paintings.
3. Best not to burst into random out of tune singing.
4. All that matters is the spaces between head, heart and drawing board.
5. I work on a lot of different pieces of work at the same time. ( I have another half finished piece here in my studio at home that needs to be taken in.)
 Above and below, the studio space.

 A painting that has waited too long to be finished.

 Above and below, two new strawberry foxes; or, something to settle me in.

 Above: wolf drawing, waiting. Kingfishers, almost finished. Below, my boots, Robin's rug.

 My desk in my studio with the beginnings of the cover for Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb. Soon there will be gold leaf.

Spit, Fente, Sintara and Heeby.

Meanwhile, outside, rain.


  1. Its a lovely space...I wouldn't know what to do with it all!! lol
    Wonderful Hobb dragons *sigh*

  2. Your work just chokes me - you draw and paint in exactly the same way you put words together - creating the same poetic magic. I can't really explain it.... And yes,I adore the Strawberry foxes - but then, you knew I would! xxx

  3. Its a lovely (huge) space and the exhibition looks really great! Must be strange working kind of 'on show' all the time, I hope you settle in well with all the distractions and find a good rhythm of working... I see the owl has travelled with you, its looking more like your space already...

    (As for the jug incident, I managed to knock over the most expensive ceramic piece getting something for a customer out of our shop window... only it did break and took two others out with it... and the customer didn't buy the thing they'd asked to look at either! Glad you were luckier!)
    Carrie... :)

  4. What a wonderful space you have! I like this: "All that matters is the spaces between head, heart and drawing board"