Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Imagine, two weeks on he road, three days hanging an exhibition. 
The skies are punctuated by winter visiting flocks of birds.
Rooks sit on the wires like slow notes.
I have met so very many lovely people over the last couple of weeks.
So, I still have much to do before the opening of the exhibition next week at Oriel Y Parc ( 27th October, 2-5 and then again a little later).
Today I saw a hawk fly low over the early winter land.
Today I made a film of beautiful things with a sound track of sweeping and lovely music.
But now I am tired.


  1. Beautiful sculpture of the lady on horseback.
    Yes, I imagine you are tired.

  2. Have another look now Terra. Just uploaded film. She is a fine lady upon a white horse.

  3. Thank you for making this film for us. I never wanted it to end. Glad I could see this on film at least.

  4. thank you Jackie I needed to see this show but live on the other side of the world & what a feast for the eyes, beautiful work in a great gallery with such transporting music!

  5. Glorious inspiring works, all of them! I wish I could be there to see them properly, but thank you so much for giving those of us in the far flung corners the chance to see and taste a little!

  6. So much fantasy, beauty and craftmanship, I am very thankful you shared this with us! Guess I will be watching this several times without ever being able to pick a favourite...just too many of them... Thank you, Jackie.

  7. To Jackie. My class enjoyed your workshop in Pontypool library. Will go back to school after the holiday and create dragons enspired by your book 'Tell me a Dragon.' Year group 4/5 Cwmffrwdoer Primary School.

  8. Thank you. Send me some of the pictures/ words they put together. Would be lovely to see. It was a hard working day made good by the hunger with which the children ate up every word. More people should come to your library and work with your children. It is wonderful to be so appreciated.