Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inky blue

Today, quiet progress despite hustle and bustle at the centre. Next door in the afternoon, a lecture. Outside the door a small girl watched while I painted and commented to Jetska that I was 'working very hard'. In the cafe as I placed prices next to a hare drawing a woman said, " Well, I don't think my husband would agree on that price." I wondered what he did when he wasn't theoretically questioning my prices.
I learned that the day dawns at 600 miles an hour in St Davids, and a formula for calculating how fast it rises depending on where you are in the world.
On the beach the tide line was littered with by-the-wind sailors and I feel as blue as their inky sails, though cannot specifically define why.


  1. I sat happily today sipping green tea, underneath your magical illustrations of hares, while greedily devouring a large piece of coffee and walnut sponge . . there was a short, sharp shower outside . . I drifted in dreams from painting to painting in the buzzing information centre . . plan to return many times over the coming weeks to lose myself in the blissful scenery of your worlds . .

  2. suzanne rees glanisterOctober 25, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Thanks Jackie for your notes...I love the Dragon you are doing....please leave it free to fly in that space, don't put gold round it! (I know, mind my own business!) Quite right too:-)

    Here is a poem from a woman called Ono no Komachi...she lived 834?-? It might have a feeling of what you expressed about feeling like the blue inky sails!

    This entangling wind
    is just like
    last autumn's gusts.
    Only the dew of tears
    on my sleeve is new.

    Ono No Komachi
    Take care Suzanne

  3. I am afraid I have to cage the dragons in gold as it is heading for a jacket and needs to stay in the same theme as the others. But thank you so much for the poem. Yes.

  4. Trying to think of how to afford to get down to furthest Wales before your exhibition finishes! Beautiful display.... I hope you gave the woman with the husband a fierce look - or did you disregard her entirely?

  5. suzanne rees glanisterOctober 26, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    Well, I suppose being "caged in gold" is better than being shut behind bars!:-) Do you notice that many cards you see in shops have gold edging or splashes or something....often on paintings that are known not to have this effect! Odd. The only thing I can think of that the practise has come from, is that of the splash of gold calligraphers use on scrolls sometimes.... Japanese...not sure if only Japanese use this, probably others do too.