Friday, September 30, 2011

Lists, books, gifts.

Sometimes it seems that what needs to be done is far greater than the hours there are in which to accomplish the tasks. There are many things I want to do, and some of them I need to do, and one that I must do. The one is to stop and think. The rest will steadily take care of themselves.

Yesterday, to begin, I tidied my desk, made a list. Today I need a new list.

Yesterday also I was distracted by dog barks. Later I found a parcel in the porch. Unwrapping the parcel I found a beautiful notebook, a gift from Renee, far away. Hand bound, stitched, waiting for words.

The notebook is stitched with coptic stitching, a form of book binding that is centuries old. made by MonkeyDogStudio.

Time to get focus on today with a new list.
1. Blog
2. Out of pjs into clothes.
3. Look at yesterdays list. Oh dear!
4. Pack book to look pretty and post.
5. Finish making rhyme powerpoint.
6. Finish silver bell and post tomorrow.
7. Hang up washing.
8. Walk dogs.
9. Draw on leather with pyrography tool and take leather bits to Narberth to pick up boots.

Failing to understand why today's list is longer than yesterdays when I did lots of the things on yesterdays and crossed them off. A curious form of physics called 'being too busy for your own good'.

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