Monday, September 12, 2011

Working late

When the wash is put on, and the sizing for the gold leaf I find the picture so ugly, before the gold is applied.

Meanwhile I am also working on a small commission, no something I would normally do, but this one appealed to my romantic nature. 


  1. I am so happy I stubbles on to your blog, I love drawing it’s a passion of mine so when I had the opportunity to incorporate drawing into my university life I jumped right at it. I am not professionally drawing or selling paintings at the moment I just enjoy creating little fragments of beautiful things in my life and every now and again a gift to a friend. Out of all the different mediums that is used I find that drawing is the rawest of them all in a sense natural beauty, I mostly do pencil sketches because I have not wondered far with other mediums. In high school we used ink, pastels, acrylics and charcoal but I am curious to try water colours and etching or even oil paints. I love how your paintings and drawings seem subtly colourful it is very unique and creative I enjoy the different mediums. I was wondering which medium you preferred and perhaps where you love for drawing and painting stem from. I love your work – Regards inspired amateur :)

  2. Regarding your recent blogpost, "why do you read?" see the first cartoon here: