Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wolves, books and a need to read.

This was painted for Kids Need To Read, to become part of their calendar to raise money for their wonderful work. They will also make it into a card and a print so keep an eye on them. They are on facebook and also have a website and their aim is to make books available through libraries and encourage a love of reading through provision of excellent and inclusive books. I love them for what they do.
I read for many reasons, to learn, to escape, for beauty, because I NEED to read. Without a book I feel a little lost in the world. Why do you read?


  1. I read to learn, to dream...and because I have to ~ I simply love books.
    Your art is beautiful as always... :)

  2. It is a truly wonderful picture and a truly important cause. I wish there was an equivalent in this country...

    Maybe I should get off my backside and see if I can get something going. I wonder where to start?

  3. Reading is like having the world handed to you on a plate. It's a way to experience life in another's head, in another's words. It's better than films because you create the video yourself in your own imagination. It's secret and special because it all happens inside your head. It's a chance to hear a voice that may be long dead, to share the ideas with persons from another time, place, century. You don't need electricity to work a book, to make it's pages turn, to make the words come alive. All you need is light enough to read by.

  4. I read because I am a bookaholic and can't help it!

  5. I am the same as you - I read to live and I live to read. without books I would be completely lost.

    I have just ordered a copy of The Cat and the Fiddle for my 'Nana cupboard'. I love reading to my wee granddaughter too.