Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Robin Hobb, City of Dragons cover art.

Watercolour and red gold leaf.


  1. Antebar, that is what I always say when I hate something, so do you hate or love it? My other comment is, 'words alone cannot express what I feel about this'.
    In City of Dragons there is a square in the city with a great fountain that is now dry, with a green dragon reaching up to the sky. That is where this image is taken from.

  2. Excuse me for my ambiguous comment, but sometimes I don’t make myself clear because I am Italian; of course I meant I had no words to describe how beautiful it is. I absolutely love it!

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing the pictures


  3. Can I just say, I LOVE Robin Hobb's books and this cover art absolutely does it justice. I would put that on my wall, it's magnificent! Can't wait to hold it in my hands!