Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Snow Leopards.

Cats, small and large, feature in some of my paintings. A few years ago The Snow Leopard was published and through this book I discovered The Snow Leopard Trust. They have done a great deal to support the book and through the sales of the book via the Trust they have raised money to support their work. Now they have a chance to raise money and awareness of their campaign through BBC World Challenge. 
Please watch the film about the leopards, so beautiful, so rare, and the people who share their domain. If you are moved to then vote for them to win the World Challenge competition. And share the film, this blog post, anything, to spread the word and pull in votes for them.
We will all be poorer if these animals do not continue to live wild and free in the wild places of the world.


In the USA if you buy The Snow Leopard from the trust you will be helping their work. In their online shop they have many things made by the people who share the environment with the leopards.
If you want to see and hear the story then get a cup of tea and settle down to watch and listen. And then vote.


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  1. Jackie: Many thanks for the lovely post. Snow Leopards are one of my favorite big cats. I did vote for the Snow Leopard when you were deciding on the design for your new van. I hope the trust wins this year -- it would be heart breaking to see these beautiful and magnificent creatures gone from our lives forever.