Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ancient stones on St Davids Head, Pembrokeshire

Early moring walking to work. Songbirds and sunshine and no one around appart from a sea gypsy, wandering from cove to cove in a kayak. I took my camera and the singing bowl and dogs and daughter. The air was summer scented again, warm for the time of year and the time of day.

Back home, painting, then potting up tomatoes and leek seedlings while cooking supper. And while I put small seedlings into pots I hear, for the first time this year, a cuckoo.


  1. I do so love these ancient places... I could sit alone for hours up high on old Hill Forts just feeling the vastness of the sky, wondering if ancient presences still linger who felt the same sky in this same place in another time. So fascinating when the earth still bears witness the memories, worn away but still the mark of a human hand and a human soul.

    We were in Wales again this last week and would have loved to visit you again and see these places you show us here, but I didn't want to pester you in your home and sanctuary, knowing also what a busy lady you are!
    So nice to see your video of this place though...