Friday, April 15, 2011


On the cliffs the thrift is beginning to blossom. Sea campion and squill also. 
Back home the Amur leopard is almost finished.



  1. The "thrift" looks like a specie of wild onion. (?) -- like the ones we have here except the blossoms are a paler color.

  2. Whenever I think of the cliff tops around St Davids, I think of thrift. Thank you Jackie XXXX

  3. Beautiful! And after all these years of reading your blogs, I just have to ask: about how long does it take on average to do one of these large paintings?

  4. Depends. I think this one took about three days, but that is unusualy quick. More often takes a week or more. But this isn't finished yet. Needs a little more here and there.
    And I think that the thrift, although the flowers look something like chives, is a very different creature. Sea campion is out too.