Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Further distractions

Todays distractions so far have been 
1. Up early and off to Porthgain to film 'ladies' rowing team. Many thanks to Ben for driving the little black boat and catching fish.
2. Off to see what a man is doing with canvas and wood. Very very exciting.
3. Down to the Mill to sign a book for Philippa. And the mill looks stunning, as do Alicia Mortlock's boots for babies. In fact they just looked so perfect!
4. Home via St Davids which was heaving with Easter people and to the supermarket where I bought all the wrong stuff which meant that when I got home I was roundly scolded by daughter = blissful mood shattered to fragments.
Must be time to paint.

1 comment:

  1. Jackie,
    I am a bit behind in reading my favorite blogs. Yours is high on that list. I just read back several posts and was reminded why. Simply put, you are a great read. I think your distractions provide material for you, sometimes maybe unconcious, but material nevertheless. As for daughters, they are not supposed to be easy. My eldest just moved across country with nothing but what she could fit in her car. She has nebulous plans and I am worried. Did we stress our Mothers in the same ways? Please keep writing, and painting, your work gives me peace.