Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do you like moles?

Back home after a trip to Paris and I have spent most of the day trying to learn how to use a shephard's whistle. And Paris was a long way away, beautiful, tiring. The hotel was good and the view and the church lovely though I wish I had woken more to hear the church bells chiming away the time. The square was a selection of shops that sold wonderful food, including a small chocolatier with the most lovely sweets.
The British school was warm, welcoming, bright with a beautiful library and wonderful children. On the Thursday evening we were wisked away to Janne's house where there were small puppies full of tiredness and delight. Great evening of relaxing book talk with Marilyn ( from Norfolk Children's Book Centre) in a lovely bistro where half way through the meal some people just wandered in and settled down to play music.

I took my healing bowl with me all the way to the school and I think this was one of the things the children liked best. It is amazing how it can bring a hush to a whole room of children as they listen to its building singing. 
I painted ( four paintings, 3/4 hour or less for each) and the children were full of questions as to how and where and when and what. Favorite question still is,  "Do you like moles?". Infact I think that so far in my career that is my all time favorite question.

Home now and time to settle to painting again, though I am hoping to go searching for hares at the weekend. And hoping for good weather and a peaceful mind.

And while I was away the shortlist was announced for the Kate Greenaway awards and I was a little sad not to find Tell Me a Dragon on it, but very very pleased that Meg Rosoff's 'Bride's Farewell' was on the Carnegie shortlist. Meg's 'Bride' is a wonderful tale with and I fell head over heals in love with The Dog Man and Jack. Great to hear Meg reading from her book in the clip from The Guardian.


  1. The dragon in the first painting has a charming personality, to me.

  2. The more I see of Dragon Small, the more keen I am to hear the story.

  3. Love the snow leopard, Jackie. Really beautiful.

    Have you heard of the young-adults' novel that has a giant talking snow leopard in it, called Tharaman-Thar?