Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What my daughter is doing

I was a little shocked earlier this year when Hannah announced that she wanted to go to Peru for four weeks this summer with a company called World Challenge. First reaction? No way. Sadly ( or should I say, happily?) daughter has far too much of a mind of her own. She researched the trip and has been applying here and there for funding, has been saving all her money from her part time job, is plundering her savings and this weekend we went to Derbeyshire where she had a chance to meet some of the team she will be going with.
Amazing. Her team leader is an amazing and impressive woman as is the World Challenge organisation. Many of my fears were allayed by the talk, by meeting some of the other parents and by Hannah's whole approach to the trip.

As part of her fund raising she is doing a beach clean. It seemed a good way to benefit all round, and also something different. Walking on Whitesands Beach gives a small idea of some of the rubbish that washes up. The tideline is always dotted with tiny pearls of coloured plastic. On other beaches the detritus of man can be more overwhelming. The photos below were taken in 3 minutes on the beach at Ninewells. I have said that she can talk about her project on my blog, facebook etc. So, over to Hannah:

Hey Bloggers!

 As you may know, my mother is one Jackie Morris  and I am an AS student at Ysgol Dewi Sant, studying Art, English, History and religious Studies. This summer I am embarking on a World Challenge Expedition to Peru- Andes and Amazon.

    This expedition will not only be culturally enriching but will also develop skills in team work, co-operation and money management, and will be an invaluable educational experience as it will not only provide 70 UCAS points as it is ASDAN recognised, but will be the primary stimulus and inspiration for my A level art project.

    This project will entail trekking through the Andes and Amazon but more importantly beneficial community work in the community of Lima.

    As I fundraising activity, I am going to be doing a beach clean on the less accessible coastal beaches that you will have seen on mum’s blog, as every year much debris is washed up on them and never really gets cleared away. As most of them can only be accessed by boat. This will not only benefit the wildlife and local community, but I will also be donating half of the funds raised to Save The Children, who carry out projects globally, and of particular interest to me in Peru. Any support would be gratefully received.



 In order to gain access to the beaches, which are inaccessible from the land Voyages of Discovery are loaning Hannah a skipper and a boat. Ffion, the skipper, is loaning her a dry suit and she will have to jump overboard and swim ashore then bag up as much rubbish as she can and swim it back to the boat. With luck she will be able to clear much of the plastic, and most importantly the bits of netting and wires that tangle the seal pups that will be born on the beaches later in the year.
If you would like to sponsor Hannah please send cheques, made out to Hannah Stowe, to c/o Chris and Julie at The Moshulu Shoe Shop, New Street, Paris House, St Davids, SA62 6SN.



  1. Your daughter is very admirable and wow, jumping out of the boat to gather beach garbage, and then heading to Peru. Hey, when I was 20 I flew from Wisconsin USA to spend a year in college in Istanbul and it was a great experience. The Peru program sounds very well planned.

  2. Hannah, it has always struck me, in doing beach clean ups here on another shore, that the majority of the stuff is washing IN. It is not left by careless beach goers. It is washing in from the sea. This is so sad. Bless you for doing this clean up, and I know you will do well and get to Peru.

  3. I had a wonderful time as an archaeological volunteer in Peru and got to the amazon too. I still have the hat!
    Its fab - good on you Hannah.
    Note to others - Hannah is a very hard working and talented individual. A young person we can all be proud of!

  4. Just written a cheque for you Hannah! We have sponsored a child near Lima for years, and know how much benefit results from cross-cultural support. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. On behalf of Hannah, thank you. Very proud of her sense of adventure and independence of mind.

  6. Jackie -
    Is it possible to send US Dollars to help Hannah out? I don't have any more Pounds, and no longer have a UK bank account on whic to write cheques. I hope I can help financially as well as lending good thoughts for Hannah's trip.

  7. That would be lovely, or I can send you her bank number via email for transfer into her account. Email me at jackie at jackiemorris dot co dot uk and will sent you her details

  8. That sounds an amazing trip, full credit to you Hannah and it sounds like you're working really hard to get there... I'll certainly help if I can...