Sunday, April 17, 2011

List of a few things that need to be done

  1. Wash up
  2. Tidy up
  3. Paint  some, but not enough.
  4. Edit manuscript
  5. Pot up tomato plants
  6. Weed beds
  7. Walk dogs some, but not far enough. Instead of walking I took a book and sat on the hill and read a chapter of A Clash of Kings
  8. Stop doing things and listen to birdsong
  9. Sit in the sun and think
  10. Make coffee for Claire.
nb. Try and avoid picking up George RR Martin's A Clash of Kings until much later in the day.( Failed!) But I did paint a small dragon for friend's van.

And I did hear from Jane Johnson that there are two new Robin Hobb books that she has manuscripts for that will be needing new covers. City of Dragons and Blood of Dragons.


  1. Wow, you're quite a Bizy Backson -- or should be anyway -- LOL! I am doing some "Caturday" posts on the kitties of the blogs I follow, and I want to have a pix of Elmo and Pixie in a post. There will be picture © credit and a link back to We Three Ginger Cat Tales. Would that be OK? I'd also like to put Nadolig in.