Monday, December 28, 2009

A day of birds

It has been a day of birds. In bed this morning, sketching the tangle of roses and thorns outside the bedroom window, small birds threaded through the woven tangle. Then three great swans flew past. Later ravens hung over the dogs, buzzards rose slow into the sky, a hawk flew low along the hedges.
I drew some of the broken shards of my favorite mug, now my favorite broken mug.
Later visited a friend who has one of my gold leaf paintings on her wall. The rooks keep bright mischief eyes on the passing of time.


  1. What a magnificent painting! I can't say enough about it, except, I wish I were looking at it (and your cats) in person. Lovely...

  2. Some lovely orbs in this photo of your room, Jacks. I wonder who all is visiting you?