Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doodle do......

There was an old woman tossed up in a basket seventy times as high as the moon. Where she was going I couldn't but ask it, for in her hand she carried a broom.

Tomorrow I hope to pick up a brush and paint.
On the beach today, wind and rain, sand and feather, a sad tideline of plastic beads.

At home, Martha decided to do a 'Durer's cat' impression. Very good.


  1. Wish my sketchbook looked that good. You have many talents, probably rubbed off from the cats. Thanks as always for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I love seeing your working sketchbook...
    Is this for the Nursey rhyme book in the pipeline? Already looks like it will be a wonderful book - for children and grown ups, these rhymes are so timeless aren't they...
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (for later on!)