Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nursery rhyme time

My brain is waterlogged by all the rain falling from the sky. Rain slides down the windows, hammers on the roof, flows down the roads.
Nursery rhyme time. When I was little I had a book, bought for me as a present by the lady next door whose name was Ann.  I was so young that although I could write I couldn't spell my own name. I loved it, with its odd, wide eyed children.

 Some days I struggle to find focus, to settle to work. This is one of those days.



  1. Oh! I remember Dean books. I kind of like them even though they would be seem as very old hat today, and very literal. I had a lovely Child's Garden of Verse illustrated by Hilda Boswell (what a name), very much like this. I still have it and love it!

    Jackie, you are perfect PERFECT for Nursery Rhymes (with all due modesty I seem to recall it WAS my idea in the first instance, and partly why I wrote Can You see a Little Bear for you!). So don't get frustrated...

    It's going to be fabulous, but be yourself and do it your way. That's when the magic comes. See how eccentric you can be because these rhymes are madness.

    J x

  2. That book has "A diller a dollar..." in it! Apparently, I used to chant that endlessly (annoyingly?)so long ago...

    And this blog IS now showing up in the reader.Yay!

  3. i still have my copy too, i loved it, there was somethingthat caught my imagination in those illustrations! wishing you a grand new year x

  4. Oh, so many memories! I wanted to be that Ride A Cock Horse lady! My sister and I had a book each, one with a pink cover and one with a blue cover, and I can still picture every one of the illustrations in each!