Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drawing and Dreaming

Cold. Trying to get back into work. Thinking. And while I think, drawing Durer's hare in my sketchbook. The hare was painted over 500 years ago, a brief life caught so beautifully in watercolour. She was beautiful then and is beautiful now, so still, lost in her own hare thoughts.
John Clare had three hares, brought to him as leverets. They lived with him for years, followed him, sat on his knee like the woodcats they are. William Cowper  wrote a beautiful elegy to a hare.

In my studio, with the itunes on shuffle I drew, and then I took the idea of drawing and dreaming a little too seriously. I begin to doubt the wisdom of having a sofa covered in cushions, inviting, comfortable, in my studio. 
Robin came into my studio, where I had told him I was working, caught me in the act of working in my sleep.


  1. I do my best work in my sleep, that no-one else ever sees...

    And there you are: it's a bad thing to have a sofa in one's studio. if I did I would never work again (awake). it's touch and go as it is.

    Lovely new blog Jackie


  2. Oh, Jackie! Your sketch of the Durer hare is lovely! I have a(poster-size) print of that on the wall and have tried, many times, to draw it. I always fail.
    Your body needed to sleep.It's OK.

    This blog still will not show in my feeder, but I've put the URL on my desktop and just check it every morning. That works for me.

  3. Oh well, you don't usually sleep unless you need to and how much more focused,clear headed and energetic you would be after a little nap to re group the thought processes !

  4. Have put a feed burner thing on the side bar now. Not really sure what I am doing when it comes to this kind of thing. Not sure why when some people try to become followers it takes them to facebook.
    Hope some of this helps though. I blunder around the web like a digital bull in a digital china shop of ignorance. But I do try.

  5. I find sleep working very therapeutic....
    Jackie what ever you have now tweaked on your blog has now worked, well at least in my case, I am now receiving all your up to date feeds!!.. So moral of this story.. sleep working really does help you sort out stuff!!!
    Thanks so much! Jane xxx

  6. Still awake at the moment and have rings on my fingers, bells on my toes and Florence and the Machine on the sounds!

  7. I wonder if creativity, in any medium, is a steady force? I think it ebbs and flows--a time to work and a time to dream. Unfortunately if one's livlihood depends on turning out the creative work, it becomes a bit of a worry.
    I suspect that many of your dreams and doodles later become part of an important project.

  8. Over time, I too have "worked" while dozing on the antique French sofa in my office/studio. Some of the best ideas or solutions to problems are magickally there when my eyes open at the end of such a session, whether it be 20 minutes or 8 hours.

    Your work is lovely and the hare is pretty spot on.