Thursday, December 31, 2009

Walking in nursery rhyme world.

New Year's Eve and tonight a full, blue moon. So far looks like clear skies. Outside, cold. Inside, fire and sleeping cats and dogs, tired from a walk. It doesn't take long before the world begins to fit into the book I am working on. With Ice Bear, no polar bears here but a constant reminder of ravens. Today, Humpty Dumpty's wall, a cow to jump over the moon and all the pretty horses. Oh, and a flock of blackbirds that must have come out of a pie rose up from the winter bracken with a whirl of wings.


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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you have a blog of your own now. You can talk about paintings and inspiration and the cats without them overhearing or getting bored :)

    I have a couple of books like your Nursery Rhyme one, both illustrated by the Grahame Johnstone sisters. They were and are such an inspiration to me and I love their distinct style :)

    By the way, in my new job as schoolworker, I found a book illustrated by you in our library. Of course I had to show everyone!!!