Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On the beach today, four feathers from the fallen wings of Icarus.


  1. What a nice way to save the feathers... they always look better on the beach than they do at home. Away from the beach the things we bring home (except rocks, perhaps) look a bit sad - perhaps at their displacement?

  2. Sorry to bother you.. did try to make contact via the Gingers blog regarding the feed from this blog which is not getting through to my blog. I have my blog tweaked so I get up to date feeds when a new post is made on the blogs I follow. I am following this blog but not getting feeds through at all. I am only keeping up with this blog via a link on the Ginger cats blog..... does that make any sense... I think I need to lie down now!!
    Jane xxx

  3. I can't draw or paint so I find that I photograph little things that catch my eye and fascinate me: feathers, a curled leaf, an abandoned nest, a cattail exploded into autumn fluff. The few feathers I have brought into the house have been seized by the cats from wherever I put them---a feather carried proudly in a cat's mouth and then batted about quickly loses its beauty.