Friday, July 2, 2010


A red winged angel to replace the unloved partridge as Shalom House Hospice committee decided that they did not after all like the partridge and the pear. 

Outside the air is all raucous ragged black tatty winged rook, crow and jackdaw. At times hundreds of them.
At Ninewells the meadowsweet flowers are tight bead pearls of scent.
My garden is roses and honeysuckle scent, wind battered, beautiful.
My head is distracted and needing to find peace.
I have
1. Finished red winged angel and sent jpeg to Shalom Hospice Trust
2. Invoiced schools
3. Chased up the inland revenues missing £4 800 and almost tracked it down and reviewed my bank imbalance
4. Read a little but not enough
5. Made a list or two
6. Walked dogs
7. Tried to gather myself together and move on to the next job.
8. Loved the wild crow cries and magpie nonsence.


  1. The angel is lovely... but to my eye, so was the partridge and the pear!

  2. Sitting here with my own flock of crows and listening to the insistent scrawking of an adolescent hopping behind his parent begging for food. All teenagers are this way.

    Dealing with invoices will kill the creativity like nothing else. I know. Linear linear linear. And necessary. Sigh.

    The red winged angel is very beautiful. Perhaps walking the dogs will shift your energy and the colors can be pushed around once more.