Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gilding birds

Waiting for cover image with type to arrive from Frances Lincoln and getting on with work. Finishing off two barn owl paintings that I had hoped to gild at Art in Action. Too many people wanted books signed so work was much slower than last year, but it is steady, peaceful work that gives me time to think, and I need that.

Also working on a woodcock painting that is painted with a brush made from the pin feather of a woodcock. Contemplative, meditative work.


  1. I like the owl one. I'm assuming the color of the surface under the gilding affects how it looks? -- Or is the sizing that dark brown color?-- As you can tell, I know nothing about gilding. Will you show us a pix of the owl one when it's done? Do you make your own brushes?

  2. I like the owls. Will you show us a pix of them when they're finished? Does the color of the surface make a difference in how the gilding goes on? Or is the sizing that brown color? I know nothing about gilding -- Can you buy a brush made with woodcock pinfeathers? or did you make it? (sorry if this is a double post -- don't know what happened to the first one!)

  3. Painting a picture of a woodcock using a brush made of woodcock feathers! That's magical! I realize now that you are not just an artist, but a wizard too.
    However, my favorite is your owl painting. I dream of being an owl at night. I love my silent wings.

  4. I love the idea of painting with the feather's (or fur) of the animal you are painting. It somehow adds another dimension. Would that I could paint.

  5. Both these paintings look great and they're not even done yet!


  6. The woodcock is beautiful: elegant, mysterious,dusky.
    I'm more familiar with their relative the snipe--I've found their nests on the ground.