Friday, July 23, 2010


Still doodling away in my old sketchbook. Both of these drawings are a direct response to a beautiful picture in Judy Dyble's house. I love the way horses do this, resting their heads in trust on each other.

Today has been otherwise, sunshine and doctors, butterflies and rose, painkillers and sleep. I almost walked away from what I hope will be an amazing project as they hit me sideways with an idea that I just could not sign up to, but thankfully have moved on from there now, so I hang in there and wait and imagine and dream, and meanwhile draw. And the pressure is off for a little now. I can loose myself in paintings and preparing for an exhibition in Long Melford in September and Nursery Rhyme chaos and cat book roughs.


  1. I love it when animals rest their heads on one another too, there's something so warm and magical about it.

  2. What a wonderful image! I immediately thought of it sculpted in white stone, with an archway under their necks that led to someplace wonderful. I love the courser shape - the wolfhounds and greyhounds and whippets. They even stand still rapidly! I'm sorry your day involved doctors and painkillers. Hope the need for both goes away quickly.

  3. This is so beautiful, it is wonderful to witness these moments. I really admire your skill at capturing them in your art.