Monday, July 12, 2010

One car, many dragons, a long road.

Packing up work to take to Art in Action and I have lists of lists.
There is
the table list
the list of paintings
the list of tools
the clothes list
the toiletries list
the books and other reading matter list
the list of drawing boards
the list of things that won't fit on any other list and
the list of things to do before I go.


  1. Phew you've worn me out just thinking about it. I have a real aversion to lists but my friend swears by them. Have fun.

  2. Have a good trip, Jackie! It sound you will be very busy for a bit.... wish I were in the UK this Summer to attend Art in Action, but perhaps next year or so.

  3. Have a happy (and profitable!) Art in Action.

  4. I will miss not hearing from you for a while, but look forward to sharing your experiences at Art in Action. Travel safely.