Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finishing things

Finishing the fox. Almost done. Glows in my studio.

While staying with Judy Dyble I found many a lurking lurcher in paintings, small statues and even a Wiz on the sofa, so have a small series of paintings inspired by her house. The above was begun at Art in Action where people kept disturbing me to sign books, so finished at home and destined for The House of Golden Dreams and then on to The Imagine Gallery in Long Melford for exhibition in September.

Wizz on the sofa next to Judy's piano and below the art cover work for Talking with Strangers. 


  1. Oh, it DOES glow in that studio photo, Jackie.
    I love that fox.

  2. A very fine fellow indeed! How did you ever think of the gold leaf? It plays with the light in such wonderful ways and makes the figure stand out almost like it's in a spotlight on a stage.

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous, although far more serious minded than the one who sleeps on top of our compost heap

  4. Jackie!

    I just adore the gold leaf background!


  5. The gold leaf inspiration came from ancient Japanese screens, some being silk and others done in gold leaf squares. I use transfer leaf because I am rubbish at gilding and I want to go on a course to learn to use loose leaf so that I can burnish and build texture. But I gild in a rough fashion and the fox was gilded at Art in Action. It was a windy day and dust and grit blew in and stuck to the sizing. I found that it added to the texture. I like the rough and gritty surface.
    I have two owls to gild also and may do a series of work in progress shots if I remember.

  6. I love foxes, they are such amazing creatures. Love the lurcher inspired sketch too, such beautiful work.

  7. how wonderful your art is, a pleasure to enjoy.