Sunday, July 11, 2010

Music from clay.

I walked across the fields to Adam's studio. He had phoned earlier to say that he was opening the kiln. Swallows flew low over the grass. Further up the field a great red bull cropped grass. I walked quietly and quickly and the grass must have been sweet. He did not seem to notice.
At Adam's studio I was unprepared for the discovery that as the pots cool, once the kiln is open, the glazes sing like a quiet musical box. Beautiful.


Most of these pots will be packed up to travel to Art in Action. Two large ones still wait, drying slowly before firing and glazing. And in my garden, the white pot that I saw a few walks back. Like a fallen moon.


  1. Oh, how I envy you your neighbors!

    Singing pots. What a delicious detail to squirrel away for the last story of a long journey for father and son. Thank you.

  2. i love those moon pots so much~i have that 'i must have one' feeling~one or two of the small ones...

  3. I think I recall reading that the colors and glazes go on in muddy colors, their true beauty to be brought out by the firing [?]
    It seems amazing that the potters' imagination must "see" the finished pot in his mind while he brushes on shades of grey.

  4. You're right, Morning's Minion. Unless you're using underglazes (colorants in very wet clay that go under a clear glaze), the color of the glazes go in very dull and muddy and transform in the firing due to the reactions of the chemicals in the glaze, the heat of the flames and the amount of oxygen and carbon in the kiln.

    Adam's work is beautiful. Amazing copper red pots (not an easy glaze to work with). He's inspiring me to make some moon jars!

  5. These are always so pleasing, in your garden, in his studio...

  6. Beautiful indeed!

    Not just the kiln and the pottery but how you write as well.