Monday, July 5, 2010

Short list, long list and the hands of time.

So far today I have been
1. Woken by dragons scratching at the door at 5.30 in the morning, but when I stumbled bleary from bed there were only cats there. The dragons had flown.
2. Updated The Ice Bear page on my website so that it actualy says a little about the book.
And I have to
1. Walk dogs

The air around meadowseet should not be wantonly wasted. Time should be taken to savour its beauty. Richer than a fine wine, it is not free, but costs only the time taken to find it.

2. Stretch paper onto the board that got away
3. Make that list for Art in Action and make sure that they have a file for printing a poster
4. do more roughs for nursery rhymes
5. Paint. Hopefully today we will maintain a supply of electricity, for while the lack of spark can lead to a quiet day on the internet the lack of light can lead to no painting being done. And I need to paint.

6. Invite myself to a friend's house for supper. Somewhere where there is a grandfather clock would be good.

7. Go talk to the neighbours' horses ( though this can be done whilst walking dogs and thinking about roughs, thus killing a few birds with the same stone, a metaphor the cats would approve of though I find it quite ugly).
8. Take some really good shots of the garden in order to drive John Foley from The Imagine Gallery wild with envy!

9. Carry on helping the inland revenue find the cheque for £ 4 800 that they have so very carelessly let slip down the back of a sofa. I wonder if they have tried looking in an MP's second home yet? Maybe it went there.


  1. hello there~i came here via crystalrainbow~i love the peek into your garden and your artwork is amazing :)

  2. I love your prose on meadowseet, it's all about 'spending' the time.
    Quick question - what is the frame covering the vegetable/garden patch in the last pic ?

  3. So John might envy your garden - I your moon pot! And the ocean views on your walks....!

  4. The cover over the raised bed is a net of green gardening net draped over plumbers overflow pipes to keep the cats off. Otherwise they think I have made them a very fine toilet. I am also hoping it will keep carrots safe from hungry badgers.

  5. Hi Jackie! My name is Jyoti, I am the daughter of Nitin Mehta, who is Founder President of the Young Indian Vegetarians. Many, many years ago, he commissioned you to do a painting, and it's a beautiful one of an elephant protecting an ant. Well, all these years later, my Dad found the painting and has made it the cover of his Young Indian Vegetarians annual publication, Ahimsa. I told him you'd probably be delighted to know it was being used, but he said he'd lost contact with you. My dad's website is here: Please do get in touch with him, and he can send you his most recent publication with your illustration on the cover. I have told my Dad it's the best ever cover to date!! Your work is excellent. :) Jyoti