Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At last, snow.

The moon had ridden a clear sky all morning but when I woke at seven there was a bank of cloud. I walked out into the farmyard incase I could see even a glow, but no. And then I found out why. At last, it began to snow. Real, fine powder snow, like snow from when I was a child and before long there was two inches of snow. ( Everyone knows that snow is meansured in inches).
For a while it stopped, and then began again. 
Luckily the wood man had come from Welsh Logs. He had chains on the wheels of his pick up truck. I had been worried that we would have no logs before Christmas. We had burnt through so much as our only heating is the wood fired stove.

 On the wall by the door, a broken plate by Martha Allen.

 Hanging in the garden, a lantern.

 Max looking after the logs.

 Moonjar in snow.


Now there is a kind of hush broken only by the whisper of bird wings and the swirling fall of flakes.


  1. Brrrrrrrrr! but beautiful. Keep warm. (Which makes me wonder-how is Mr Griffiths coping with the cold weather? I hope he is warm and well,please pass on Christmas wishes to him)

  2. I love how snow tends to deaden the sound like having cotton wool over everything. Thanks for the pix of your cottage in the snow. Blessed Solstice and happy Christmas.

  3. Though it's causing me problems, I think this is the best snow we've had in years, too. It's incredibly powdery and has that lovely scrunch when you walk on it. Glad your logs arrived.

  4. wow, love those photos, makes me wish I was there even though we are coming into a beautiful summer. I look forward to your new book. BTW, I am a HUGE fan of your Snow Leopard book, would love to interview you about it for my "Saving Snow Leopards" Blog,
    warm regards
    Sibylle, Melbourne Australia
    Founder and Publisher
    "Saving Snow Leopards" Blog

  5. Beautiful snow pictures, Jackie... I, too, love the rare snowfall. Merriest of Christmasses to you, Tom, Hannah, and the four legged family members.

  6. Oh dear, Rosie's been trying to eat snow! Max does look beautiful and well disguised on the logs.

    Rosie looks as if she is unimpressed with the taste of snow.