Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Captain SKA - Liar Liar

If it doesn't get to number one for Christmas, never mind, lets just get it to number one and keep it there. I want to hear this on Radio One.


  1. Fabuloso--I'll blog it tomorrow for sure. Let's make them squirm as much as they are making us squirm.

  2. Do it with words, do it with pictures, do it with music, do it with anything other than violence. That just plays into their hands. And then do it at the ballot box.
    Unfortunately though I think that there is nothing and no way other than a complete change of the system that will lead us out of this madness.
    Laboutr are no longer an alternative.
    So, which way forward?

  3. I did it at the ballot box and it got me nowhere!

  4. What we need is someone to vote for or another way to represent voters. I have voted Green all my life, realisticly disenfranchising myself. Even when Thatcher was at her most powerful I couldn't support Labour because of their immigration policy, because I didn't trust them, because something stopped me.
    I hear little of the last election. When I heard the Liberals they almost seemed like a voice of hope in a dark world. Something stopped me. Perhaps the realisation that when you aren't in power you can say anything.
    But goodness me I thought they would honour something of what they promised.
    How wrong can you be?

  5. It's much the same here. Promises to hold big business and banks (and governments) accountable all disintegrate, as dust.
    But I've emailed that link to many people.
    How can something so fatuous be so easily swallowed by so many? Just plain stupid.
    That aside, I wish you good tidings.I'm off look after the Black Cat in New York.Cheers!

  6. Does anyone besides me see shades of "V for Vendetta" here? And we got the same shafting here in the U.S.

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  8. All very well if you have neighbours. Mine live in London, Basingstoke and Chippenham, appart from the guy who owns three of the houses here. This is tha land of the holiday cottage!