Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I have seen today.

 1. Ice on the beach again, though softened and textured by sand blown across, by water running beneath.
2. Lapwings, in flight and at rest.
3. A ragged buzzard.
4. Lights on the water, abstract, bright.
5. Sand running too fast through the timer.
6. A young heron hunting at the mill stream, patient, nervous.

For the third year running Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights have chosen my book as one of their '12 Reading Days of Christmas' books. Unlike the "Books for giving" catalogue in many bookshops all the books in Mr B's are chosen simply because the staff in the book shop love them. Beware. You can look at the list online, you can get them to post a catalogue, but it will cost you money! Not because you have to pay for the list, but because the choice is just so seductive!


  1. The heron looks like a little old gentleman standing with his hands behind his back and thinking deep thoughts. Super photo!

  2. Love the pix of the heron. (We have heron here too. I've always loved them. They are such graceful birds.) Bet his toes are cold, though.

  3. Brown paper packages tied up with string...

    How fabulous to give the gift of a wonderful book wrapped like that. There should be more places like Mr B's. Absolutely perfect.

  4. Certainly is I think perhaps one of the best bookshops I have been to. Their catalogue is great, by far the best, but then many others are put together on a 'paid for' basis whereas this one is literaly put together with love.