Sunday, December 26, 2010

A short winter love story, chapter 3

Again she gave him the feast of a warm bird to slake his appetite grown fierce by dancing. 
And he gave her a crown of tangled feather and winter's thorns to replace her lost crown of ice. For now the love they both carried for each other had begun to thaw their dancing place. So they curled, tired to dreaming from three nights of passionate revelry, around each other, wrapped in love and russet fur.



  1. I am thinking that this is the end of the story. But also that there might be more and perhaps it will be a book or an eBook or a calendar.
    And also I was wondering what they are dancing to, and have decided that probably it is Sigur Ros

  2. I love foxes, so obviously I am enjoying this story.
    I find it so great and inspiring that the colours of the landscape echo the story and the characters. I think you just gave me one of the sparks I was hoping for. Thank you!

  3. I love the way they are curled up together in your drawing. Interesting juxtaposition of a male fox and female lover against the Japanese kitsune stories. (

  4. Ummmmm, sensual and dark, just like the season.

  5. a calendar, PLEASE... would love that so much! And I am in love with your painting of the two asleep...