Thursday, December 23, 2010

The cow, the little dog, the moon and short stories in the snow.

The world looks too beautiful and is wrapped in cliches! Snow blankets all and the sea is like beaten metal. The cows are on fire with the sun's light.
Tom made an angel in the snow and I found it the next day, still flying and the marks of the belt and buttons of his great coat decorating it.


Walking today and some of the snow has melted away, fallen from the trees. In shadowed places there are short stories written in prints. Here a rabbit crossed paths with a bird. In other places foxes followed the rabbits.


Yesterday the moon was bright in the sky, where the cows are, and the little dog has been laughing while the cats sleep, curled and warm.


  1. Wished that I could have seen it all.
    Little dogs laughing!

    Are you sure that your dish hasn't run away with a spoon?

  2. Not yet, but hopefully it soon will.

  3. That last picture is a real Silent Night. It would make a great Xmas card. Love the ginger cows with their unruly fringes. WOL(8>)

  4. Beautiful snow-scape illuminated by a moon lantern hanging in the sky.