Monday, December 6, 2010

Working late

Long after I was too tired to work Chailo Sim kept me going for just that little bit longer. I do like good music.


  1. The one you're working on there, is it "Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark!"?

    One of the things I am so appreciative of about your blogging is that when I look at your books, I can connect to them, especially the illustrations, on a deeper level. I can find things in the paintings that I recognize as coming from your daily world - the ginger cats, the black and white dog, horses, moon jars, elements of scenery, things I know from your blogging and the pix you post. It gives them a special intimacy, an extra dimension. In a way, your blog is a sort of combination artist's sketch book, writer's notebook, and a view over your shoulder that give your books a unique perspective.

  2. I love to see other artist's work spaces. Your table and the things around the room look so much lke mine (except the artwork of course!) It looks so lovely and familiar.xx